Old Boys'

Once a Marist Boy, Always a Marist Boy


We have a vibrant and engaged committee with 15 Old Boys’, School Headmasters and staff.

We have around 5 Committee meetings per year, the main purpose for which is to (a) provide them with updates on the School and its strategic plan; (b) discuss and plan for events and functions to be hosted and run by members of the Committee; (c) discuss and plan for mentorship and guidance for matriculants and graduates; and (d) plan for, discuss and arrange appeals to the wider St David’s old boy and parent communities in order to raise additional funds for the Old Boys’ Bursary Fund that it manages.

The Old Boys’ Committee is responsible for arranging and hosting a number of different events and functions during each school year. These events foster friendships, camaraderie and a better understanding between different parts of the St David’s community. We look forward to welcoming you back at some or all of the various events and functions which are hosted by the OB’s Committee, including:

  • The St David’s Marist Old Boys AGM
  • Cultural and sporting events
  • Old Boys’ Assembly
  • Old Boys’ Day
  • Rite of Passage
  • School Reunions
  • Golf Day
  • St David’s Christmas Market
  • Mentoring workshops - Mentor Programme brief 2024

    One of the biggest challenges for the Committee is being able to stay in touch with the old boys, regardless of where they are based. In order to assist us in staying in touch with each of you, I would also like to encourage you to:

    • Keep an eye on the Old Boys’ page of the School’s website (www.stdavids.co.za) which will provide you with news and details of future events
    • Connect with the Old Boys' Network platform, and reconnect with your St David's family of alumni. This amazing platform allows you to make contact with mentors, find jobs posted by old boys and keep in touch with year groups
    • To stay in touch with us by sending us updates on some of your news and plans for the future – please e-mail us at oldboys@stdavids.co.za. Provided that we have your current contact details, we will endeavour to send you advanced notice of the various old boys functions and events and will also be emailing you a termly newsletter.

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