Vital for every pupil of the St David’s Prep School (and his parents) is the sense of family and community, of belonging. For the Prep is a family, where we embrace our boys in all their diversity and offer them a caring, nurturing educational home.

It is in the Prep School that every St David’s boy’s journey through the school truly begins, where the foundations are laid for producing well-rounded, character-filled young men who will make a difference in the world they inherit from us. These foundations are based on our three fundamental Marist values: simplicity, humility and modesty.

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Latest News

1st Day of School

12 Jan 2022

The 2022 school year got off to a great start on Wednesday 12th January, with every boy - new or returning - arriving with great excitement at what this school year may bring.

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St David’s Sportsmans Warehouse Cricket Festival

23 Oct 2021

The 2021 St David’s Sportsmans Warehouse Cricket Festival took place from Thursday 21 October to Saturday 23 October.

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2022 Prep House Leaders

20 Oct 2021

The Prep House Leaders for 2022 were announced in an awards assembly held on Wednesday 20 October. The new councilors for 2022 were announced, as well as the new Outreach Group for 2022, and the 2021 SACEE junior poetry writers were celebrated.

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Let there be among you just one heart and one mind. Let it always be said of the Little Brothers of Mary as it was of the early Christians: See how they love one another!

St Marcellin Champagnat