St David’s Marist Inanda is blessed with many things: excited and engaged boys, contributing parents, innovative and dedicated teachers, challenging and comprehensive academic programmes, diverse and inclusive sporting and cultural opportunities, a magnificent campus with facilities to support all our work, and a way of bringing faith, culture and life into harmony.

The special character that these blessings bring to our school is rooted in valuing relationships between people.

Simply put, St David’s is about building the human fabric of our society and preparing young men to lead with courage, wherever their adult lives take them.

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Head prefect’s
welcome message

At St David’s Marist Inanda, we are a community that not only focuses on our strength in unity, but also focuses on improving the truest and most valuable aspect of ourselves.

“There is a feeling that I get when walking down the corridors of St David’s Marist Inanda that brings a heighten sense of pride and privilege at being a part of something much greater than myself.”

The head prefect for 2021 would like to extend to you a warm welcome to St David’s Marist Inanda.

At St David’s we pride ourselves in educating and nurturing young men from diverse cultures and backgrounds to be modern day Marist gentlemen of value. Each individual gentleman offers something unique which is showcased in the embodying of the core values of respect, honesty, trust and faith.

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Latest News

St David's Students Tackle Period Poverty

30 May 2022

The young men of the College partook in a Conversation Assembly around period poverty on Friday, 27 May, with guest speakers Candice Chirwa, Jane Henry-Naiho, Liza Verberg, and Eusebius McKaiser. Following this, on Monday, 30 May, the College students then held a collection for menstrual products for donation to various organisations fighting against period poverty.

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Grade 11s Attend CSO Mass

25 May 2022

The Grade 11 students joined seven other Catholic schools at the annual CSO mass at the Cathedral of Christ the King on the morning of Wednesday, 25 May.

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Academic Awards Assembly

12 May 2022

Eleven new Honours Blazers were awarded in an Academic Assembly held on Friday,13 May, as well as a number of Academic and Leadership Half and Full Colours. The assembly also recognised the Top Ten academic achievers in each grade based on their Term 1 averages,

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I cannot see a child without wanting to tell them how much God loves them.

St Marcellin Champagnat