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St David’s, at its Marist core, has a very strong social development ethos and finding ways to maximise our impact on society remains a priority.

The St David’s Marist Foundation was established in 2006, with its founding Trustees including Br Jude Pieterse, Kevin Brewer, Mike Greeff, Thierry Dalais, Tony Chappel, Gianni Mariano, Sim Tshabalala, Penny Ndlela and Kees Schilperoort.

The Foundation was established as an independent Trust and PBO to help ensure the long-term sustainability of St David’s Marist Inanda. It aims to support, through funds raised, donations received, and strategic business and philanthropic partnerships, identified development areas of the school. 

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I do not want my start in life to define my future.

Response from a young bursary applicant – now a St David’s Marist Foundation bursary recipient – during his St David's Marist Inanda 2017 interview

We are exceptionally thankful and grateful to all our donors.

Our donors are remembered at St David’s Masses, and their names are reflected in each year’s St David’s Marist Foundation annual report.

The Foundation has three signature campaigns that take place each year:

  • Montagne Day Pledges
  • Team St David’s
  • Christmas Giving

Foundation events include the termly Philanthropy and Business Networking Breakfasts, and the bi-annual Foundation Donor Cocktails event.

All proceeds from the St David’s Swop Shop sales are donated to the St David's Marist Foundation, in support of the Bursary Fund.

By supporting the Swop Shop you are supporting the Marist education of a young boy in need. Our sincere thanks to Joanne Oertel and her team of Swop Shop Moms, who volunteer their time to run the Swop Shop.

Registered Trust: IT4826/06
Registered PBO: 930023385