College Scholarships

Please note that Scholarships Applications for Grade 8, 2025 are closed.

Academic Scholarship Assessments

  • Only applicants who have achieved a high overall average, usually above 80% in the St David’s Marist Inanda entrance examination, will be invited to take part in the Academic Scholarship exams.
  • The 2024 Academic Scholarship examinations are only for applicants seeking entry into Grade 8, 2025.

Sports Scholarship Assessments

  • Applications for Sports Scholarships need to be received by Monday 12 February 2024.
  • Sports Scholarship assessments will take place on Monday 19 AND Tuesday 20 February 2024.
  • Sports scholarship candidates should have achieved a high level of performance in one of the sports offered by St David’s Marist Inanda (district/provincial/national), and generally should be A-team players in their Primary School.

Cultural Scholarship assessments

  • Applications for Cultural Scholarships need to be received by Friday 9 February 2024.
  • Generally, only exceptionally talented boys will be considered – those playing at a Grade 2 level or above in Music or those who have excelled in Drama.
  • Scholarships are assessed on an individual basis. Following the submission of a CV, shortlisted candidates will be invited to a practical audition.