Pastoral care

At St David’s, we strive to help every boy live up to his potential. This is something that requires daily attention, and a system that ensures no boy falls through the cracks.

The College consists of eight houses, each with a House Director and six or seven tutors, and less than 20 students per house per grade in order to focus on the individual and build the Marist family. The tutors oversee the holistic development of each boy, as well as identify and facilitate any support the boy may need. Grade 8 pupils are assigned a Matric Mentor. These mentors also look to the welfare of the Grade 8s and provide advice, support and leadership.

The following extract from the St David’s Staff Notes provides a brief summary of the intentions of the house system.

“The primary function of the Housemasters and House Tutors is seen by many to be one of assisting with the discipline, behaviour and tone of the school. Clearly this is a vital area. However, a sound, caring and compassionate system of pastoral care is far more important. The early identification of problems, the shoulder to cry on, the word of praise and support, caution or reprimand, motivation or direction – these, rather, are the areas towards which the House structure should be geared. Only by knowing our pupils and earning their trust and respect can we move towards such an atmosphere. Morning line-up and the weekly tutor period, as well as the list of duties undertaken by house tutors, hopefully allows an avenue to be created which will facilitate the smooth running of the House and enables a culture of care to develop.”

Discipline at St David’s is dealt with in a way that prioritises behavioural change, and our approach to this is one of the driving factors behind the fine young men who matriculate each year. 

The Learning Hub as well as the Wellness Centre are able to provide additional support where needed. 



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As a member of the St David’s brotherhood, I will strive to achieve excellence through the Marist values of Modesty, Simplicity and Humility instilled by St Marcellin Champagnat. My behaviour and conduct will be determined by my respect for self, the Marist family and the facilities. I will be mature in accepting accountability for my actions and determined to perform to the best of my abilities in all areas of involvement. I endeavour to leave a legacy which is a true reflection of the Marist man I have become.” – Code of Honour