Transportation Thrills

29 Mar 2022

On Tuesday, 29 March, our Grade 2s were lucky to experience a day full of hands-on learning, with their Transport Day. Having just come to the end of their Transport theme, the boys stepped out of the classroom for fascinating talks and demonstrations from professionals in the transportation industry.

Our young Marist gentlemen started off their day dressed for the occasion - with many BMW shirts, a few pilots, and even a racing car jumpsuit! They were first treated to a very informative talk by SAA pilot, Mongezi Mvelase, who told them all about the world of flying and what being a pilot entails. The boys had many insightful questions, and were amazed to learn what makes planes tick.

They then had a picnic lunch, before moving on to learn more about cars and motorcycles. The team from BMW Sandton arrived with five very impressive cars and two huge motorbikes. The team gave the boys a quick lesson on the history of BMW and its origins in the aircraft industry, and quizzed the boys in their knowledge on all things BMW. Our Grade 2s were then allowed to go discover the cars and bikes for themselves, even being encouraged to sit in the driver's seat, hoot the horn, and rev the engines.

This day of experiential learning was definitely one that these students won't be forgetting any time soon.