Prefect Induction and Grade 8 Welcome

14 Jan 2022

On the 17th of January, the College held the first assembly of 2022. During the assembly, we welcomed back returning students, welcomed new students of the Marist family, and formally welcomed the executive group of the matric leadership class of 2022. 

Prefect Induction

The prefects for 2022 were presented to the School Executive by their respective House Directors, and then standing before their fellow students and their teachers, and making an Act of Commitment  to serve St David's Marist Inanda to the best of their ability - ensuring that our values and ethos are lived every day, and that every student becomes the Marist gentleman they were born to be. 

I accept the privilege of my appointment as a member of the Executive of the Matric Leadership Group.

I commit myself to lead, to the best of my ability, at St David's Marist Inanda: 

  • by being aware of my position of leadership at all times in relation to the needs of my school;
  • by initiating ways of serving the needs of those whom I have been appointed to lead; 
  • by fulfilling all my responsibilities and duties as indicated to me by the Headmaster, the Staff, the Head of School, and the values of St David's Marist Inanda.
Grade 8 Welcome

The House Directors and Head of Houses then called upon their Grade 8 groups to officially begin their Marist journey by each banging on the school drum.

The school tradition of the Spirit Drums was introduced towards the end of 2021. These drums symbolise the heartbeat of the school, and are used at formal celebrations and house events. Each house has their own drum to signify their heartbeat and character as a house. The school drum represents the heartbeat of St David's Marist Inanda as a whole - a school, a community, and a family. 

Each Grade 8 was given the chance to beat the school drum and join the heartbeat of the school. This moment marked the start of the unique Marist journey that each of the Grade 8s has now embarked upon - a journey imbued with the heartbeat of the Spirit Drums that their beat is now an integral part of.