Marist Mathematics 2022

14 Mar 2022

Tour de Maths

The first leg of the annual Tour de Maths competition took place on Thursday, 10 March, and was held at St Dominic’s School for Girls in Boksburg. Learners from different schools are paired together and they sit as a team and solve maths problems.

The following students represented St David's Marist Inanda:

Grade 8

Grade 9

Grade 10

Salvador De Freitas

Warwick Bradford

Nicholas Delport

Chanukya Doradla

Matthew Dyer

Christian Fatouros

Adam Gardee

Vidur Pillay

Hamzah Johnson

Benjamin Lloyd

Christos Stefanakis

Jonathan Penamula

Mikaeel Naby

Bonolo Tshunungwa

Benedict Rebello

Cameron Wade

Two of our boys in Grade 10, Jonathan Penamula and Nicholas Delport, were paired with two girls from St Stithians. They achieved second position as a group, and scored 125 points out of a possible 200.

We are proud of all the Marist boys who participated in the competition, and are looking forward to  upcoming competitions with great excitement.

South African Mathematics Olympiad

The South African Mathematics Olympiad (SAMO) is a Mathematics competition that takes place nationwide each year, and challenges boys to think critically and apply their problem solving skills beyond the classroom. Calculators and geometry instruments are restricted which puts the students further to the test. The Olympiad is written in 3 rounds, where only those receiving over 50% can proceed into the next round. The first round of the 2022 SAMO took place on Thursday, 10 March.

St David’s is proud to announce that over the years we have had exceptional students who have excelled and have been selected to participate in the final round. This year,174 of our students participated in SAMO -  82 boys in the junior section (Grades 8 and 9), and 92 boys in the senior section (Grades 10 - 12). Of this initial group, 41 juniors and 62 seniors advanced through to the second round, which will be written in early May. 

We hope to see many more of our St David's gentlemen continue to succeed in this worthwhile competition.

'Pi Day' Festivities

Annually, the 14th of March is celebrated globally as 'Pi Day',  when people from all over the world gather to recall and recite as many digits of the infinite decimal Pi as they possibly can remember. Pi is the ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter of that circle. 

As part of this global Mathematical celebration, this year the recital at St David’s took place at break on Monday 14/03 in the Amphitheatre. It was keenly supported by the College with both spirit and competitiveness being evident. Congratulations to all who participated  and a special mention  to Matthew Dyer, who won the Junior category with 420 correct digits, and to Daniel Dyer, who won the Senior category with an amazing 620 correct digits. Well done! 

In addition, various flavoured pies were on sale at the tuck shop so that everyone could celebrate Pi(e) Day.

L - R: Yuki Kuwayama, Morwaswi Mello, Matthew Dyer, Daniel Dyer, Mrs S. Richard, Yash Desai, and Steven Khoury