Launch of The 30 Day Dispatch

25 Mar 2022

Launched on Friday, 25 March, The 30 Day Dispatch is a monthly newsletter created by four of our Grade 11 students - written by Michael Mittendorf, Andrew Kleinhans, and Nicholas Rautenbach, and designed by António Pereira.

Produced by students and for students, The 30 Day Dispatch focuses on content important to today's youth, reporting on happenings at school as well as a national and international level, and issuing features and opinion pieces. 

We started “The 30 Day Dispatch” because as young citizens of South Africa, and of the Globe, we believe that we have both a responsibility and a right to hold our leaders and society accountable for their actions, by informing like-minded young individuals with bright and valid opinions about the world we live in.

Michael Mittendorf, Nicholas Rautenbach, Andrew Kleinhans, and António Pereira.