Inter-house Gala

14 Jan 2022

The first inter-house event of 2022 was held on Friday, the 14th of January. The annual inter-house gala is always an event filled with great spirit and enthusiasm, and a wonderful way to begin a year of friendly competition and House pride.

This year's gala cemented the start of our new traditions. It was the first gala - and inter-house event - under the new eight house system, and all eight houses were eager to prove their might in the water. Additionally, the gala provided the opportunity for the Spirit Drums of each house to be used in conjunction with war-cries to raise team spirit and strengthen their house identity.

The gala was a great success - every swimmer gave their all in the pool, and every supporter cheered their hearts out in the stands. After an afternoon of extraordinary team spirit and and wonderful performances from all houses, The Bishops managed to secure the first inter-house victory of 2022 with 170 points.

The final results of the gala:

  1. The Bishops (170)
  2. Plaatje (155)
  3. Benedict (150)
  4. Osmond (125)
  5. Selima (118)
  6. Daswa (108)
  7. Jude (105)
  8. College (74)

Please note that all COVID-19 protocols were followed at this event - masks were only taken off for photographs and when competing in swimming races.