2022 Major Production

8 Apr 2022

The 2022 Major Production ran from Tuesday the 5th to Friday the 8th of April, in collaboration with St Teresa's.

It was decided that the ideal production for this year would be a musical - a celebration of dance, music, and theatre - and so Saturday Night Fever was born, a tribute to and adaptation of the 1977 John Travolta film, saturated with the best bops from 70s disco and all the Bee Gees bestselling hits. 

The students of St David's and St Teresa's took to the stage with exuberance to present the story of Tony Manero, a young man in 1970s New York whose love for disco and the dancefloor leads him down a thrilling road, seeking triumph in a dancing competition, and facing bad decisions, conflict, falling in love, and family turmoil - but Tony and the rest of the cast dance their way through to a victorious end that highlights what is truly important in life.

The cast blew everyone away with every scene, with outstanding musical numbers and breathtaking choreography that had the audience cheering, singing along, and left with inspiration to dance the night away. We are very proud of the young ladies and gentleman who took to the stage, operated sound and lighting, and managed everything behind the scenes, as well as the College Band who provided exquisite live music through out the production. Thank you to all involved for making this year's production possible - it truly showcased all the extraordinary artistic talent in both schools and how magical the theatre can be for all. 

A Note from the Director:

The arts industry in South Africa has been decimated by Covid, with the effect being far-reaching - from professional theatres to school drama departments. No theatre or live performance happened for many months leaving industry professionals heartbroken and without an income, and learners craving opportunities to perform. Thankfully, 2022 allowed St David's the opportunity to get back into the swing of things, and with the talent available, a musical was the logical choice! I have always wanted to direct Saturday Night Fever. Having grown up in a household where dancing is a 'thing', dance and disco music is in my genes. 

Whilst the show deals with some very heavy issues, the overall feeling of the show is one of upliftment; dancing is a release. Dancing is therapy. This is a sentiment I truly believe and what better year than 2022 when the world is recovering from such tragedy to come together to enjoy the spectacle of lights, dancing and good music on stage. Working with young people is always interesting - a laugh a minute, a little shouting, and lots of fun and silliness. The process of working with the young men of St David's and the young ladies of St Teresa's was an exciting and enjoyable one. I am very proud of all the cast achieved in such a short time and I hope they enjoyed and learned from the process! I hope you all enjoy the show and that it serves as a way for us to escape from the realities of life, even for just a bit.