Matric Rite of Passage and House Dinners

13 Oct 2021

The Matric Rite of Passage and House Dinners were held on the evening of Tuesday 12 October. This event is part of a week of celebrations intended to bid farewell to the matriculating class of 2021 and welcome them into the next phase of their Marist journey.

The Matric Rite of Passage is a St David's tradition where the outgoing Matric class is formally welcomed into the Marist Old Boys' Association, formally represented by Matthew Ramsden, interim Chairman (class of 2000), and committee member, Gordon Tonetti (class of 1986). Mr Ramsden and Mr Tonetti addressed the current Matrics, ushering them into the next stage of their journey as Marist men - entering the world beyond the gates of Inanda as mature young adults, to grow further and excel in their endeavours, and to one day give back to future generations of Marist students. This notion is symbolised through the handing over of the standard from the representatives of the Association to the head prefects of the exiting class of 2021, as a charge to cherish and grow the Marist legacy and ethos beyond their matriculation. The Rite of Passage prayer was then recited by both Matrics and Old Boys.

Heavenly Father,
I thank you for the time I have spent at St David’s
Marist Inanda:
for all those who have been with me along the way
and helped me to become the person that I am
for my friends and classmates, my teachers and others
who assisted me;
for the knowledge and skills, the beliefs and values
passed on to me.
In the spirit of St Marcellin Champagnat whose vision of
compassion and care embraced the needs of the young people
around him and those of the whole world, help me to seek
what is good, beautiful and true, not only for those close to
me, but also for the wider community and especially those in
great need.
Just as Mary played her role in bringing up and teaching
the child Jesus,
I pray that you will inspire me to help the children of our
country that they too may enjoy the benefits
of a good education.

The festivities then continued with the annual House Dinners - an opportunity for the Matrics to gather in their respective houses with their Head of House, tutors, and Old Boys. Due to COVID-19 restrictions each house gathered in a different venue on campus - with Benedict in the Prep Pavilion, College in the College Pavilion, Osmond in OPLA, and The Bishops in the Hall. Each venue was decorated beautifully, and vibrantly engulfed in their respective house colours. 

As the sun set, and everyone enjoyed a delightful meal, laughs were shared, speeches delivered, and gifts were given. The Matrics were given the opportunity to reminisce about their time in the College, as a slideshow showing photos of their class over the years played in the background. They were also able to share their plans for next year and their hopes for the future. Time was spent catching up with teachers before the Matrics prepare to write their final exams, and camaraderie was built with the Old Boys present.

The evening was enjoyed by all, and many smiles were to be seen as the celebrations drew to a close. It was the perfect way for the class of 2021 to reflect on the time they have had as students of the College, and to prepare for the journey that lies ahead. 

We thank everyone involved with the planning and execution of the events, and wish the Matrics all the best for their upcoming Examinations and their future endeavours. 

Please note that all COVID-19 protocols were followed during this event. Masks were only removed for photographs, as well as eating and drinking during the meals.