2021 Inanda Hoops Classic Challenge

24 Oct 2021

The annual Inanda Hoops Classic Challenge kicked off on the afternoon of Thursday 21 October. Despite the tournament's cancellation last year due to COVID restrictions, 20 teams from 12 schools arrived in their numbers, excited for a weekend of basketball and competition.

The following schools participated in the U19 division of the tournament:

  • St David's Marist Inanda,
  • St John's College, 
  • St Stithians College, 
  • King Edward VII School, 
  • Michael Mount Waldorf School, 
  • Parktown Boys' High School, 
  • Pretoria Boys' High School, 
  • St Benedict's College, 
  • St Peter's College,
  • St Andrew's College (Makhanda) 

In the U15 division, teams came from:

  • St David's Marist Inanda,
  • Jeppe High School for Boys, 
  • St Alban's College, 
  • St Andrew's College (Makhanda), 
  • St Benedict's College,
  • St John's College,
  • St Stithians College,
  • Michael Mount Waldorf School,
  • King Edward VII School, 
  • Pretoria Boys' High School. 

Thursday saw a marvelous start to the tournament, as the first games were played with rigour and zeal. For the St David's First Team, the challenge kicked off with a matchup against Michael Mount Waldorf School, and the gents managed a late comeback, and were able to secure their first win, with a final score of 50-38. The U15 side battled it out with St Alban's College, and both teams played an admirable game. 

The second day of the challenge began unfavourably as the rain dampened the courts and cloudy skies hung overhead. Luckily, the skies soon cleared and Friday's matches could begin. Despite the delay, our First Team hit the ground running, and played a remarkable game against rivals, St Stithians College, and secured an astounding win of 62-39. The team then went on to win against King Edward VII School, 45-33. The U15's made St David's proud as well, with a win against St Benedict's College, and a narrow defeat by St Andrew's College. In both matches, it was evident that the U15 side valued teamwork and ensured that sportsmanship was present at all times - truly exemplifying the Marist ethos. 

Day three saw all teams push forward in the final group matches to make the cut for the semi-finals held the following day. The St David's First Team achieved a narrow win against Parktown Boys' High School, with a final score of 38-37. The U15's continued to spare no effort and all their matches were extremely close.

With the group matches completed, the Inanda Hoops Classic Challenge held the semi-finals and finals on Sunday. The St David's First team advanced into the semi-finals and played a remarkable match against St Benedict's College, but unfortunately missed out on moving into the finals. Nevertheless, they were able to square against rivals St Stithians College for the second time in the tournament, and once again the Black and Gold dominated, winning with a final score of 63-36, and placing third in the tournament. 

St David's U18 team with their 3rd place medals. 

It was wonderful for the courts of St David's Marist Inanda to once again come alive with competition and good sportsmanship from young men and players, from various schools. We would like to extend an immense thank you to the team at SuperSport Schools for streaming the tournament live with commentators renowned in the field of basketball. The meticulous set-up of cameras and equipment, as well as commentary, left many feeling star-struck, and gave the players a sense of what professional basketball players experience during televised games. Our thanks are also extended to the coaches and players from all involved schools for participating in the Inanda Hoops Classic Challenge, and giving the tournament their all. We are also extremely grateful to the organising staff, coaches, players, and support staff of St David's Marist Inanda for ensuring the tournament ran smoothly from its inception to the final award ceremony on the Sunday.  

Final Results

Under-18 Division:

  • First place to St John's College,
  • Second place to St Benedict's College,
  • Third place to St David's Marist Inanda

Under-15 Division:

  • First place to St Andrew's College (Makhanda)
  • Second place to St Alban's College
  • Third place to St Stithians College

Well done to the above teams on these results, and congratulations to every player who went out onto the courts and gave it their all!