Heritage Day Celebrations

24 Sep 2021

The Prep school and Mini-Marist were able to enjoy two days of Heritage Day celebrations - on Wednesday the 22nd and Thursday the 23rd. Both days were filled with numerous activities relating to our South African heritage, and designed to make our young gentlemen think deeply about what it means to be South African.

All around the school on Wednesday, the beat and bass of djembe drums could be heard. We were lucky enough to have Drum Café visit, and they held drumming workshops for the Mini-Marist, Junior Prep, and Senior Prep. From the youngest Marist gentleman to the most senior teacher, laughter and smiles were seen across every face. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and the experience was one that will not soon be forgotten. The day also presented other activities for the boys to enjoy. They were able to try their hand at pottery by using air-drying clay to make bowls. The boys also enjoyed learning about beading, and made many wonderful bracelets and necklaces. 

On Thursday, the school came alive with colour, as the boys (and most of their teachers) dressed up in traditional clothing or wore something to represent their heritage. The Heritage Day festivities culminated on the prep fields with local music and a tasty boerewors roll hot off the braai, followed by a Heritage Day Quiz.

The Prep marimba bands gave lovely musical performances and the Grade 7s kept the energy up, wowing everyone with their gumboot dance routine. 

Overall, this year's Heritage Day celebrations were extraordinarily enjoyable, and fun was had by everyone involved. The festivities reminded the boys and staff of the rich diversity of cultures and traditions South Africa is blessed with, and made it clear why we are so lucky to call this country our home. Every moment of both days, confirmed why we are proudly South African.

Happy Heritage Day to everyone in our Rainbow Nation!