2022 Prep House Leaders

20 Oct 2021

The Prep House Leaders for 2022 were announced in an awards assembly held on Wednesday 20 October. We congratulate these twelve boys on being chosen to lead their peers next year, and trust that they will do so with enthusiasm and the Marist spirit. 

Back row: Luke Welton, Giorgio Ferreira, Matthew Barnett, Daniel Nyamgero, Lizwi Ngwenya. Middle row: Dominic Shimmin, Lesedi Mkonza, Pierre Crofton, Jordan Russel, Abahle Mlanzi. Front row: Lufuno Mabilu, Daniel Pieterse.


  • Captain - Gorgio Ferreira
  • Vice-Captains - Lufuno Mabilu and Luke Welton


  • Captain - Pierre Crofton
  • Vice-Captains - Abahle Mlanzi and Dominic Shimmin


  • Captain - Matthew Barnett
  • Vice-Captains - Daniel Pieterse and Jordan Russel

The Bishops-Jude:

  • Captain: Daniel Nyamgero
  • Vice-Captains: Lesedi Mkonza and Lizwi Ngwenya  

We would also like to congratulate Michael Savva-Savvi and Daniel Nyamgero on their appointment as Johannesburg Mini Councilors for 2022, as well as the 2021 Councilors Joshua Fynn and Preshaylan Moodley for their year of Mini Council service. 

Congratulations are also in order to the new Outreach Group for 2022: Jordan Russell, Jonathan Fynn, Andrew MacNair, Christian Friedericksen, Michael Savva-Savvi, Daniel Nyamgero, Jatin Nanan, George Psaros, and Kieran Pillay.

The SACEE 2021 Junior Poetry writers were also celebrated. The following students were awarded with certificates of participation: Fabio Morse, Daniel Brook, Matthew Haggard, Mikhail Naidoo, Daniel Rautenbach, Luke Wilson, Alex Jankowitz, Nicholas Harris, and Joshua Fynn. 

Bronze awards were given to:

  • Ruan Fonternel 
  • Matthew Wilson
  • Luc von Cziffr-Bergs
  • Reese Hill

And gold was awarded to Connor Mc Jannet for his piece entitled 'Disappointment'.

Well done to each and every one of these young gentlemen!

    Please note that masks were only removed for photographs.