Service and outreach

Service is at the heart of St David’s and nowhere is this better embodied than in our outreach programmes.

The main idea behind our outreach programme is for the boys of St David’s to give their time to assist people who are less fortunate than themselves and, very importantly, to learn from their experiences.The objective is for our boys to not only meet immediate needs but to develop a sense of social justice and a desire to change systemic inequality.

We partner with Community Hours, a platform that enables each boy at St David’s to find an outreach project with which to become involved, as well as record the hours that they spend working on that project.

Our Grade 11 boys work with Habitat for Humanity, to build houses, with a portion of the funds being raised by an annual campout. This is a very rewarding opportunity, and one that provides pupils with a range of learning experiences.

Grades 8 and 9 pupils devote time to making sandwiches for an organisation called Fight with Insight, an inner-city gym that provides a safe exercise environment for children who may not have access to adequate facilities at their schools, as well as significantly impacts the life of a family and community.

We also support various soup kitchens in underprivileged communities, with pupils getting the opportunity to interact with the beneficiaries.

For many years, Mayford Seeds has donated seedlings for pupils to nurture over the holidays leading up to Mandela Day on 18 July, and pass on to communities that benefit for years to come.

Our outreach projects are 90% focused on people, but there are opportunities for boys who would like to work with animals. With the Grade 10 year being specifically focused on service, the boys also attend a service camp that involves them in various charities and programmes, aiming to expose them to the needs that exist in our society, and their ability and responsibility to respond accordingly.