Message from the Head of School

At St David’s Marist Inanda, we are a community that not only focuses on our strength in unity, but also focuses on improving the truest and most valuable aspect of ourselves.

There is a feeling that I get when walking down the corridors of St David’s Marist Inanda that brings a heighten sense of pride and privilege at being a part of something much greater than myself. This feeling does not come as a result of personal achievements and accolades but rather the Catholic faith and ethos that are an integral part of my being.

I am continuously in awe of and humbled by the Marist faith and culture that supports and guides my journey to embrace the characteristics of the Marist gentleman I strive to embody.

As St David’s scholars we are equipped to compete at international standards in all areas of academics, sports and culture but this is not what distinguishes us from other educational institutions. Our ability to enable each individual Marist man to realize and understand his own potential and value in our community, and the world at large, is what truly sets us apart.

At St David’s we pride ourselves in educating and nurturing young men from diverse cultures and backgrounds to be modern day Marist gentlemen of value. Each individual gentleman offers something unique which is showcased in the embodying of the core values of respect, honesty, trust and faith.

The cliché “Respect is earned, not given” does not hold true in our Marist community as it is through treating every person with respect that we build a faith-based community of honesty and trust.

These three attributes are the pillars that I hold true in guiding me to be a Marist leader of integrity and honour.

My respective deputies and prefect body are a living embodiment of the brotherhood of faith, respect, honesty and trust that has grown from strength to strength in its journey at St David’s.

When asked how one leads a group of gentlemen of such stature and value, I simply respond: “You encourage these 25 gentlemen, entrusted with the role of leadership, to realize the potential and value that you see in them, you never stop believing in them and you never stop reminding them of their unique value in Gods eyes. It is a gift to be shared, that uplifts and adds meaning to your life and theirs”.

This perspective is fundamental in the embodiment of the brotherhood at St David’s and in nurturing 600 Marist Men to achieve and own their own true value.

Heading into 2021, not only marks an important year for the school as it celebrates its 80th Birthday, but also a significant moment in history for the gentlemen of St David’s to stand in unity in the face of uncertain and everchanging times.

The day has come, and the hour has arrived for us to answer our brother’s call for the mighty spirit of Inanda. I endeavor to be a Marist man who plays his part in sewing the golden thread for the next set of stripes that will fill these halls with paintings of integrity, faith, honour and trust. 

Join me in this next chapter of our journey as we venture not to be men who chase success, but rather men of faith and honour who strive towards success for all by adding value in our world and brotherhood of men.