The St David’s Marist Inanda Foundation was founded in 2006 to ensure the long-term sustainability of St David’s. Founding Trustees included Br Jude Pieterse, Kevin Brewer, Mike Greeff, Thierry Dalais, Tony Chappel, Gianni Mariano, Sim Tshabalala, Penny Ndlela and Kees Schilperoort.

The Foundation was established to ensure the long-term sustainability of St David’s Marist Inanda through the raising of funds to support St David’s vision, mission and strategic objectives. These objectives include ensuring that an absence of means is no obstacle to an underprivileged boy attending St David’s, and having full access to the St David’s experience.

The core objectives of the Foundation are to receive donations from third parties for the purposes of:

  • Applying such funds for education and development at the school
  • Providing support services to, or promoting, the common interests of the school

Furthermore, the Foundation may provide funding and support services in the furtherance of the main object of the Foundation for other purposes:

  • Providing related and associated education and development courses in relation to academic enrichment, academic support, supplementary tuition or outreach programmes for the financially disempowered, and the provision of scholarships, bursaries and awards for study programmes, research and teaching
  • Erecting, or contributing to the cost of erection of, any buildings required for or incidental to the promotion of the purpose and objectives of the Foundation
  • Supplementing the salaries of any existing or future teachers at the school
  • Initiating and participating in ventures to raise funds to promote the objects of the Foundation

Other key objectives include:

  • Securing long-term, sustainable funding for the school
  • Raising the capital required to support bursary and development programmes from the income derived from such capital
  • Promoting meaningful transformation within the school

Since its establishment in 2006, the Foundation has made awards amounting to R18-million to St David’s Marist Inanda, primarily in support of bursaries.