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Our school enjoys the participation and is very competitive in most of the major sports.  We subscribe to the notion of 'healthy mind, healthy body' and we believe that we have a moral obligation to keep our boys as busy and fit as possible.  Sport is compulsory in our school and we expect each boy to participate in a minimum of one sport each season.  Those who wish to, can play as many sports as they like and this results in some of those boys being involved in sport six days of the week. The one proviso we link to this is that a boy's academic performance is not compromised from too much involvement!

Our emphasis in the Prep is one of participation and we do not subscribe to the 'win at all costs' philosophy although with the depth of participation, we regard ourselves as a successful sporting school.

Sporting Activities

There is a shorter season of Athletics in March.  Our boys participate in all the traditional track and field events and the standard is pleasingly high.  We have won two Prestige Athletics Championships involving the top Boys Independent Schools. We offer two athletics teams in order to accommodate as many boys in the activities as possible.  We also train our boys for a season of cross country running in July.




This is another major sport in our school with a large number of boys involved.  We have two cricket fields and 18 nets.  We enjoy the year long services of a professional who assists boys who wish to uplift their personal standard through extra practices.  There is no charge for this during school normal school hours.  The standard of cricket is high and we enjoy a decent level of representation in the Area and Zone teams.



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A season of Cross Country running takes place in the winter term.  The boys train during physical education lessons and are involved in events at various schools.  Not all schools have a campus large enough to facilitate such an event but we are blessed with being able to provide the boys with quite a challenging course.   Our inter-house cross country is held at the end of 2nd term in July/August.



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Without any doubt, football is the most popular sport in the Prep School.  Our compulsory sport policy results in arguably the largest number of teams being accommodated by any school in Johannesburg.  In the Open age group - we go down as far as the 15th team.  The standard of football is very high with our teams winning up to 75% of their matches.



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Another new sport for the Prep school, hockey has become  very popular since the construction of our new Astro field.  Since the addition of a top class Astro field, the interest in hockey has increased dramatically. The College First Team won the Aitken Trophy 2014.



The Prep school has enjoyed an enviable swimming record over the past eleven years with the 'A' team having remained undefeated over this time.  Our school was the first to offer three swimming teams in order to give as many boys as possible the opportunity to represent their school.  Each year we have boys selected to Area and Provincial swimming teams. In 2009 we had no fewer than 9 boys at this level of representation.  Our school has won the unofficial Boys Independent Schools Championship for the past ten years.  Our swimming teams train hard under the guidance of our coaches and their level of fitness is always pleasing.

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Tennis has become a popular sport at our school with well over 150 boys playing regularly supervised by a professional coach. All Grade 4 and 5 boys are eligible to compete for a place in a junior team who participate in a Tuesday afternoon league. Four senior teams comprising of the top 24 boys on the ladder participate on a Thursday afternoon league which runs throughout the year. Our 8 tennis courts and 4 mini tennis courts ensure that all boys have a chance to participate during practice sessions.


This is a fairly new innovation in ISASA schools.  In 2006, the inaugural season proved to be tremendously popular and the boys soon developed polished skills.  It is felt that playing rugby at this level is ideal training for the game they will play in high schools whilst reducing the level of injuries. Rugby is optional for Grade 0's who practice their sckills every Monday.


In preparation for high school, we introduce waterpolo in the Grade 5 year.  The boys soon gain the requisite skills and by the end of the year are competent players.  The benefits accrued as they enter the high school have been marked with the standard of waterpolo increasing each successive year.  


Canoeing Prep 1

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Canoeing has become very popular at St David's over the past few years. We train at Dabulamanzi Canoe Club on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Canoeing is no longer regarded as a fringe sport but rather a major sport. Loveday Zondi is our full time coach, Serena MacPherson and T Harris run the prep school squad while Tara Jones runs the high school squad. We take part in the Gauteng Schools' league races and are currently the Gauteng champions. This year we won the South African Schools' Sprint Championships for Preparatory Schools for the 5th consecutive year.