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Academic Programme

Academic Programme

22St David’s prides itself on its academic strength throughout the primary school phase. The focus of the school is, however, based upon the belief that academics represent just one aspect of our approach to education. We value the whole child and undertake to provide for his physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development. What occurs in the classroom at St David’s Prep is a “preparation for life."

Specific structures are in place to ensure that education in the formative years is a continual process of acquiring knowledge and skills. St David’s has earned the reputation of being a “caring” school because every staff member does their utmost to nurture every single boy in their class. It is for this reason that class sizes are kept to a maximum of 25 and that class teaching takes place from Grade 0 through to Grade 5. In Grades 6 and 7 boys are taught by specialist subject teachers in order to prepare them for the High School environment. In some cases, Maths and English classes are split into two groups of 12 in order to provide for even greater individual attention. For those boys who struggle with their academics, extra lessons, in even smaller classes, are provided free of charge.


It is common knowledge that the decisions we make in life are based on our values. It is therefore one of our biggest challenges to ensure that sound values become the foundation of our teaching and our learning. Thankfully we, (the boys, the teachers and the parents) are in an environment at St David’s which encourages us to aspire to the values espoused by our founding father, Marcellin Champagnat – humility, simplicity, modesty, love of work and an appreciation of those less favoured in life.

“The school provides a challenging learning environment which enables pupils to realise their potential and develop their talents” - St David’s Mission Statement  2001.

It is with this knowledge and the assumption that all parties work together in harmony during these vital Prep school years, that we strive to lay a solid foundation in order to ensure that every St David’s boy is fully prepared to cope with the future, whatever it may hold.