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Head Prefect’s Welcome

Head Prefects' Welcome

The head prefects for 2018 would like to welcome all to the St David's Marist Inanda website on behalf of the matric class of 2018. We sincerely hope you will be able to join us in some respect this year as we embark on our final stretch of our high school career, which we aim to make as memorable and enjoyable as possible.


As we have all learnt over the past years: St David's is more than just a school. It is a home, a culture, an identity and most importantly a family. Guided by the core principles of Modesty, Simplicity and Humility, we aim to produce a gentleman of the highest calibre - a so-called 'Marist Man'. This is based on the the values laid out by the founder of 'Marist' schooling around the world, a French priest called Marcellin Champagnat. Our ideals are ingrained into every aspect of our daily lives at St David's and will hopefully stay with us long after we have left.


Building on this, we emphasise the need for the development of a well rounded man, participative in various activities including sports, culturals, service, as well as to excel academically. As men entering our final year of education at St David's, we aspire to set the tone for the year in all senses. It is up to us to be an example of the fine young gentlemen which we aim to produce.


This higher purpose serves as an extremely effective unification for the students. We all have something in common because of this. This is what builds the bond between us to form our brotherhood. 


2018 will present us with numerous challenges, opportunities, failures and successes. As the students of St David's Marist Inanda, we hope to grow with the greatness of this task, and wish the best to everyone who will join us along the way.