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St David's Facilities



Located in the heart of Sandton, St David's is set in magnificent grounds with excellent facilities.


Library and Resource Centre

The Library and Resource Centre is comprised of both College and Preparatory libraries together with an AV viewing room.  It is very much the academic hub of the school, both libraries accommodate boys during and after school doing research, reading or enjoying a game of chess.

The Centre is also the venue for the Public Speaking and Debating, St David's Forum and PT21.  It is encouraging to have so many involved teachers using the facility, emphasising the use of book material and not only the internet, whilst the students do research for various projects and essays.  A huge problem in education is the "cut and paste" syndrome where students are plagiarising material, using it in their work without understanding what they are presenting and doing so dishonestly.  There is no doubt the world-wide web has a huge role to play but with knowledge and discrimination. At St David's we continue to build a very good stock of book material and other resources for recreational reading as well as for educational and research purposes. Reading is the key to our children's future – just imagine, if you cannot read you cannot effectively surf the net!

The Library and Resource Centre is open Monday to Friday from 08h00 to 16h30.  It is closed during staff meetings, weekends and holidays.

The Libraries already house an excellent selection of both fiction and non-fiction book material in addition to periodicals, audio cassettes, CDRoms, videos, DVD's and commercial information services.  Accessing the library data is an easy task utilising the state of art library software programme "Alice". 

Internet Access
There are computers available in the College Library and in the Preparatory School Library.  All computers are linked to the internet which pupils may use for research purposes. Ipads for the foundation phase and grades 4 and 5 are housed in the prep library.

The College Library is run by Ms Lethiwe Mazibuko , assisted by Mr Mduduzi Chonco.  The Preparatory School Library is run by Ms Doreen Johnstone, assisted by Nompumalelo Mwale.

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Information Technology

St David’s is committed to being at the forefront of using technology in the classroom and as such much hardware has been purchased over the past few years. Each classroom is equipped with a computer, which is used for administration and teaching purposes. Projectors and interactive whiteboards have been purchased for use both in the Prep and High schools and in many subjects teaching is enhanced through using subject based software. The ICDL is taught to learners and staff and many have completed all 7 modules of the course.

Maths Classrooms

All Maths classrooms in the High school are equipped with projectors. Teachers make use of Autograph, Geometry Sketchpad and Ask Archie to keep the subject current. One of the Maths classes in the Prep school has an interactive whiteboard with projector.

Prep School Computer Centre
Pupils from Grade 00 to Grade 7 use the Prep computer centre to acquire varied IT skills. The centre is equipped with 30 computers and a data projector. Software ranging from teaching perceptual skills to improving Maths are loaded on the computers.

High School Computer Centre
The High school computer centre has 30 new computers with 17" flat monitors. An interactive whiteboard is used by teachers to teach Computer Studies and Information Technology.

Geography Laboratory
The Geography laboratory has a number of computers and an interactive whiteboard. It is also equipped with an an electronic weather station.

Sporting Facilities

Tennis Courts
The School has 8 full Tennis courts and four mini courts for our Junior Prep boys.  St David’s continues to put out more teams than most schools in Johannesburg.

Rugby Fields
The school has 4 well-maintained Rugby fields.  Irrigation systems were installed to ensure better playing surfaces in the winter months.

Soccer Fields
The Prep School has four Soccer fields, which have also had irrigation systems installed, to ensure that they can be properly maintained.

Swimming Pool
The 25m heated swimming pool is used for Swimming and Water Polo. The Aquatics section has really grown over the past five years. The school has produced a number of provincial swimmers and water-polo players and is considered to be one Gauteng's top boys' swimming schools.


The first matches on our new artificial surface were played in March 2006.  This excellent sand-dressed Edelgrass, which also has a water pump system, floodlights and an electronic scoreboard, has provided the School with a top class facility in a magnificent setting.  Hockey is now back on campus with boys from U9 – U19 age groups all participating.



College Pavilion

The pavilion, with change rooms, ablutions and a small gymnasium below, is an excellent venue for after-match functions and evening meetings, and overlooks the main Rugby field. 


Cricket Ovals
The school has 4 turf Cricket ovals, with the McGregor Oval being one of the top cricketing venues in Gauteng.

Grounds and Facilities

Grade 0 Block



Our Grade 0 and Grade 00 block provides a secure, friendly supportive environment for the “mini marists” of the school – here they are well prepared for the move into the Junior Grades block 4 to 7 in the main Prep School buildings.

Music and Drama Centre
The Music and Drama Centre is a hive of activity, with class lessons supplemented by a full programme of individual tuition during the morning and the afternoon in the various practice rooms.

Chief Executive's House
Overlooking the McGregor Oval with views of the Magaliesberg the original Sandown farmhouse, Syferfontein must be one of the finest principals' residences in South Africa.

The Auditorium can seat 120 people. The magnificent stained glass windows depicting famous philosophers and thinkers are a special feature. The Auditorium has its own data projector and I.T. capability.

Champagnat Hall
The Champagnat hall was built as part of Phase II of the Development Plan 2000 with the beamed ceiling a special feature.  It was opened in 2000, the year of the canonization of St Marcellin Champagnat. The hall can seat the combined school of approximately 1200 boys for masses and assemblies comfortably.


Our Chapel of Mary

Our beautiful Chapel was blessed by the Papal Nuncio in 2007 and is the boys' spiritual home. The Chapel of Mary has state of the art sound and projection equipment with the high arched ceilings and marbled floors lending grace and tranquility to this place of worship. However, it is the magnificent stained glass windows that give it its special air of spirituality. The Chapel is used for weekly Masses and prayer services and boys are encouraged to spend time there in personal prayer and meditation. It would be true to say that Our Chapel of Mary has, indeed, become the soul of St David’s.


Art and Technology Centre






The Art and Technology Centre provides excellent facilities for Art upstairs while the Ground floor effectively serves the needs of Design and Technology for the Prep and the High School.







Visitors to the school will probably admire the luscious, green quadrangle. The main ablution block was situated in the middle of a bleak, dusty open area, and there were no gardens to speak of. With the development of the new classroom block and the Champagnat Hall, it was decided to move the ablution block down next to the hall, and to landscape a new garden crossed by pathways between buildings. All the trees in the quad are indigenous white stinkwoods.