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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

As members of a Catholic Marist School, we are motivated and guided by the Gospel values of humility, modesty and simplicity.

Members of the School community are, in their work and play, to be examples of Christian love; for God, for others, and for themselves.

Each member of the School community is responsible for upholding the core values of the School, as outlined in the Mission Statement.

Members of the College  have the courage to face, and overcome challenges; the courage to stand up for what is right and fair.

As a member of the Marist family, I undertake to:

  • Respect myself: by realising my own talents, and having pride in my actions, dress and thoughts.
  • Respect others: by being polite, considerate and helpful at all times, giving others every opportunity to reach their full potential in College life.
  • Respect the environment: by consciously caring for and protecting my physical and natural surroundings.
  • Accept responsibility: by completing tasks I have been given and recognising that with responsibility goes accountability.

The St David's Manifesto outlilnes in further detail what is expected from all who form part of the St David's Marist community. We invite you to read this document HERE