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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Housemaster System

Each pupil is allocated to a house. Houses are managed by Housemasters who are responsible for the well-being of each pupil assigned to the house.

Staff who are allocated to Houses become tutors for a specific class. They are responsible for interviewing and counselling pupils in their care and keeping the pupil record up to date. Each house has a pupil as Head of House, assisted by House Prefects, to perform various functions within his house. Grade 8 pupils are assigned a Matric Mentor.These mentors also look to the welfare of the Grade 8s.

The following extract from the St David’s “Staff Notes” provides a brief summary of the intentions of the house system.

“The primary function of the Housemasters and House Tutors is seen by many to be one of assisting with the discipline, behaviour and tone of the school. Clearly this is a vital area. However, a sound, caring and compassionate system of pastoral care is far more important. The early identification of problems, the shoulder to cry on, the word of praise and support, caution or reprimand, motivation or direction – these, rather, are the areas towards which the House structure should be geared. Only by knowing our pupils and earning their trust and respect can we move towards such an atmosphere. Morning line-up and the weekly tutor period, as well as the list of duties undertaken by house tutors, hopefully allows an avenue to be created which will facilitate the smooth running of the House and enables a culture of care to develop.”


School Psychologist: Lloyd Ripley-Evans

Lloyd Ripley Evans

One of the main aims as a school is to provide a nurturing environment and to this end St David’s appointed Mr Lloyd Ripley Evans, to take over from Mrs Shamani Pillay in May 2015

Short term counselling, (Psychotherapy, Play therapy, trauma debriefing, grief and loss support) is offered at St David’s Marist Inanda.

Mr Ripley-Evans oversees the counselling support of pupils in both the Prep and High School together with a very a team of psychologists on sight.  His role is a consultative and advisory one, where ongoing therapeutic support is indicated; Mr Ripley-Evans will refer or redirect them to a source of appropriate help.

Mrs Sue Hudson provides administrative support to Mr Ripley-Evans, booking appointments and scheduling meetings etc. Her contact details are as follows:-

Tel:  011- 215 7600  Email: 

COFFEE CHAT MORNINGS with Mr Lloyd Ripley-Evans

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