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Academic Programme

Academic Programme

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Teaching and Learning are some of the most significant corner-stones of St David’s. The College writes external examinations under the auspices of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB). The management structures, resources and systems in the College exist to support what happens in the classroom. Over the years St David’s has built up a reputation for excellent academic standards and a sound work ethic. The College curriculum follows the requirements of the South African curriculum statements. The aim is to develop continually teaching methodologies that are varied, relevant to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century, and appropriate to the contents of the syllabus. Pupils are generally taught in mixed ability classes, however, some subjects are set according to results from the previous year.  The assessment system includes tests and examinations of appropriate kinds to evaluate the pupils’ progress. Examinations are held every July and November for most Grades. Reporting on progress takes place at the end of each term.

The Curriculum

In Grades 8 & 9 the College follows the requirements of the CAPS curriculum. In addition, the College has developed a modular approach in a number of subject areas in which focused tuition is provided over a set period of time where after these modules are written off. Included in this modular approach is a particular focus on robotics and coding.

The Grade 10s, 11s and 12s follow the National Senior Certificate (NSC) culminating in the final Grade 12 NSC examinations set by the IEB.

Consolidation lessons

These are offered in all academic subjects on a weekly basis.

Supervised Homework Sessions

These sessions are held every afternoon after school for 1½ hours and are supervised by an academic member of staff.

Academic Support

The College offers support in all academic subjects through the Academic Enrichment Office.  Staff work with individual boys or small groups to address their specific academic problems.  Remediation in high school is related directly to subjects.  Boys therefore identify aspects of their work where they experience problems; this forms the basis of academic support lessons. Time management and study skills are integral aspects of support, along with assistance in preparation for tests and examinations.  Computer programmes to increase reading speed and comprehension in both English and Afrikaans are available, as well as software programs to assist the boys in Mathematics.

In accordance with IEB policy on inclusive education, internal concessions such as extra time etc. in examinations are allocated where needed.