St David's Jubilee Circles of Friendship

The 75th Jubilee in 2016 was an important milestone in the history of St David’s and also an opportunity to build a legacy as the current generation of St David’s.

The Jubilee Campaign invites the whole St David’s community, both past and present, to be part of building this legacy by being involved in one of two Foundation-driven initiatives, which fall under the 75th Jubilee Circles of Friendship Campaign. The Campaign will continue through to the School's  80th Jubilee in 2021.  These initiatives are:

  • Contributing to one of the Bursary Funds or Development Funds which will increase the number of Bursaries that the Foundation can offer each year, and assist in growing specific areas of the School such as Sports and Culturals
  • For the Old Boys: contributing to The Maristonian Project - a building which will give the Marist Old Boys an on-site 'home-base' at St David's, as well as serve as a multi-purpose education and sporting facility for the School

Our invitation to the St David’s community is to become involved in whatever way you are able to – having a broad base of donors giving small amounts on a monthly basis over a number of years will grow the Foundation exponentially. 

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Become part of the legacy of the St David’s Marist Inanda 75th Jubilee by joining the St David’s Marist Inanda Circles of Friendship Initiative

As part of the 75th Jubilee Celebrations St David's launched the '75th Jubilee Circles of Friendship' Campaign - Connecting our Community. One of the aims is to explore and map how the entire St David's community is connected, through a network of individual circles of mutual interest to form an interwoven 'tapestry'of connection, reflecting and commemorating the 75th Jubilee Community.

The St David’s Marist Foundation Trustees and St David’s Board of Governors begun the first two Circles and you are invited to initiate or join a Circle of Friendship at St David’s, with relevance to you. 

The 'Circles of Friendship' initiative has also been established as a form of Giving Circle participatory philanthropy where each Circle will be invited to agree to a monthly, termly or annual giving commitment of their choice to the St David's Jubilee Fund (connected to an area of common interest, for example, cricket development at St David's) and to honour this commitment for the next five years, until the 80th Jubilee.  As an illustrative example, if a Circle commits to a joint giving contribution of R 1 200 per year over 5 years this will amount to R 7 500  - a lovely 'echo' of the Jubilee Year number.

The Jubilee Fund will primarily support Bursary and Development Funds (including sports, cultural, academic and leadership development) with the major capital development fundraising drive being in support of enabling the building of 'The Maristonian' - a multi-purpose Education facility, which will include a 'home-base' for our Alumni (Old Boys, Past Parents and Past Staff).

You can form or join as many Circles as you wish to reflect your involvement at St David's - a giving commitment is only required for the initial Circle that you join or form.

Circle members will form a unique part of the 75th Jubilee Celebrations and Appreciation and Commemoration of their roles will be reflected as follows:

  • All Circle group names will be incorporated into a commissioned 75th Jubilee artwork, to be on permanent display at St David’s
  • Circle members’ names will be documented in the 75th Jubilee Ceremonial Celebration Book, as part of the 75th Jubilee Records 

Circle members will also be eligible to receive a Section 18A Tax Certificate on their Circle contributions at the end of each financial year.

For further information please contact the Foundation Office on 011 215 7658 or email

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