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STD PTA logo FIN lrWelcome from the Chairman of the St David's Marist Inanda PTA

The St David’s Marist Inanda Parent Teachers Association consists of a vibrant, energetic and committed group of parents, teachers, and representatives from School Management, the St David’s Marist Foundation and the Marist Old Boys. The PTA at St David's is a sub-committee of the Board of Governors, and as Chairman, I sit as an ex-officio member on the Board, feeding relevant information into the Board's decision making processes.

The mandate of the PTA has a number of arms to it including both 'fun-raising' and fundraising through community events and initiatives. However, it is also a vital link between the School and the parent body, acting as a sounding board to the school’s management on all issues pertaining to the educational welfare of our boys. 

The strength of St David's lies in its very strong sense of community and there are a number of ways in which our parent body can become involved in the life of the School- PTA being one of these. Whether you would like to become a PTA Committee member or just be involved in supporting us in one of our events or initiatives, we invite you to get involved. We also encourage you to support our fundraising efforts by signing up to the My School Card programme, through which we raise significant funds each year (click here). You can make contact with us at

I would like to introduce our Committee to you so that you can recognise them at events and around the school (more biographies to come).

Crogg G                                                                                        

GRANT KROG (PTA CHAIRMAN)                                            

Proud husband and father, sports’ fanatic, nature lover, FOMO and friend.....

Grant, better known as Kroggo, is a MOB having matriculated at St Joseph’s College in Rondebosch, Cape Town in 1987. Grant joined the PTA in 2013 and was elected Chairman in 2015.
Grant and Manuela are both Chartered Accountants and met at Deloitte almost 20 years ago. They have two boys, Luke and Aidan, in Grades 7 and 5 respectively, who have been at St David’s since mini-Marist. Luke is looking forward to joining the College next year.

The Krog household is somewhat of a menagerie with two horses, two White Swiss Shepherds, two crazy rescue cats (named Glitter and Rainbow by the boys – go figure), a lonely lovebird (... looking for a friend..) and a tropical fish tank. Best memories are times spent with family and good friends and regular escapes to the Kruger National Park where dad is the designated driver and the family take 1 000’s of photos of birds and animals!! Grant is an avid golfer and cyclist (road and mountain) but is always up for a game of touch, soccer, cricket, squash, tennis and the odd fathers’ race on sports’ day.


Mommy, bookworm, bubbly lover, blogger and a girl in a boys world.

Liesl has been part of the St Davids community since 2010, her son Matthew is in Grade 6.

The rest of the McKay clan includes hubby Keith, Sasja (20), Nick (24), Max the golden retriever, Savannah the bossy schnauzer, a rabbit called Bella and 3 chickens.

When she is not watching Matt play sport or convincing bankers of the importance of gender equality, Liesl spends time gardening, cooking and travelling.    

Bebb McKay Liesl
Davies Jim


Jim Davies (only my mother calls me James)

Work from home Dad. Previously in advertising, marketing, export / trading and manufacturing.

Came 'Down South' 1981 and met my wife, Val, at Rhodes University.

Val has spent 30 yrs at EY, and, unfortunately expects me to survive on as little sleep as she does !

Jessica makes us so proud. She is 2nd year B Acc at Rhodes University. Plays squash and is diligent like her mum.

Nicholas is grade 10, obviously at St. David's. Besotted with hockey, and, I think crazy to play 'goalie'.

I love giving back to the very unique and special Marist community.

Busy, fun, family includes 2 Jackies and 2 Staffie pups, and, lots of canoeing our beautiful rivers.


PTA for 12 years and PTA Secretary

A teacher and parent of a Grade 10 boy

Has taught at St. David’s since 2003

Is a Marist Old Boy from St. Henry’s in Durban

Also taught at St. Henry’s Marist College in Durban for 10 years

Grade 7 English Teacher

Grade 6 Life Skills and Biology teacher

Head of Bishops House in the Prep School, Head of Life Skills, Athletics and Cross Country

Proponent of digital education and 21st Century Skills in education

Married with 3 children

National Level 3 Cricket Coach

Sports enthusiast who participated in league cricket, cross-country, track, road running, hockey, squash and touch-rugby

Hobbies-Fitness and photography

Eyles Bruce


Daughter, sister, mother, friend and colleague. Sunshine, Holidays, Good Coffee and Uber

Paula’s son Richard joined St David’s back in 2004, the year Mini Marists opened their first ever Grade 00 class. Many lunch boxes and school trips later, Rich is now in Grade 10.

Paula works for a leading American IT company, as Global Alliance Manager, garnering relations with high profile global partners. Thankfully Paula enjoys watching water polo as Richard seems to play endlessly. So with a career and an active teenager, life in the Lehane household is busy but always interesting.

Lahane Paula


Teacher, busy mommy, wife, avid reader, cat lover and want-to-be-runner.

Sue came to St David’s first as a Mini Marist parent in 2013 and then as a Grade 1 teacher in 2015. Her sons, Luke (7) and Matt (5) are currently at Bellavista School. The Financial Director , as well as great father and husband of the family, is Chris. Sue loves children and is passionate about teaching. She wishes there was more time in the day to pursue her hobbies.

van Staden Sue
Fisher Harry


Born and bred in the North of England. Education unspectacular. Made a bid for international rock ‘n’ roll glory and travelled the world with his band before the realisation hit him that fortune would have to be found elsewhere. He’s still searching.

Moved to South Africa in 2002, just in time to see his first child being born but was perfectly on time when No.2 arrived, a couple of years’ later. Turned to journalism in order to be able to combine fatherhood with work and his passion for all things two-wheeled and petrol-powered. Now produces and presents his own TV motorcycling show for a South African audience with work in progress to take it to an international one. Despite rumours, he will not be the new host of Top Gear.

Desperately passionate about anything with an engine, motorsport, music and books. Loves scaring himself silly on a race track or on some impossibly difficult off-road ride, despite being hopelessly useless at both. But somehow he has managed to turn his passion into a career and for that he is eternally grateful.

Constantly inspired by his amazing wife, Janita and two children, Cayden and Indigo, who frequently teach him as much about life as he teaches them.

 We look forward to meeting many of you at School or PTA events and to working with you to the benefit of our boys and this great school. 

Grant Krog

PTA Chairman

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