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Headmaster’s Welcome

Executive Headmaster’s Welcome

Mr Mike Thiel
St. David's Marist Inanda is blessed with many things – excited and engaged boys, contributing parents, innovative and dedicated teachers, challenging and comprehensive academic programmes, diverse and inclusive sporting and cultural opportunities, a magnificent campus with faciities to support all our work, and a way of bringing faith, culture and life into harmony. The special character that these blessings bring to our school is rooted in valuing relationships between people.

Simply put – St. David's is about building the human fabric of our society and preparing young men to lead with courage wherever their adult lives take them.

The 550 boys in the St David's High School come from both our own prep school and into the additional streams opened in Grade 8. This combination of boys from different backgrounds and feeder schools enriches the relationships, adding new perspectives, ideas, talents and energies to an already vibrant environment. The daily life of the school is centred around the four houses, which become both a structured support to and a rallying point for the boys on their journey through the school. The relationships with mentors and with their housemaster and tutors are the first part of understanding that at St. David's all are valued and all are expected to contribute. This commitment to pastoral care is key to what we do, and our core values of humility, modesty and simplicity flow by example from nurturing and caring relationships.

St. David's is a school of excellence and there is a culture of expectation that each boy finds their passion and develops their expertise in it. We ensure that our boys are being challenged to think deeply, think differently and ultimately to lead their communities after school. To ensure they are ready for this responsibility, the St. David's day is a busy one, with academic, sporting, cultural and service work fitting together, and all framed by a religious structure which allows each boy to find their own faith path and to begin their personal spiritual journey.

Our boys always rise to the occasion, and St. David's is well-known for its high levels of achievement in many spheres, not least of which is academic where our boys regularly place in the top 1% of the IEB exams. More important even than exceptional academic results is the maturity which comes from setting goals and stretching to achieve them. Our world is calling for new answers, and our boys will be called on to be men with solutions, resilient and innovative.

No school is a perfect place, and no boy comes into a school perfect, but here at St. David's every boy is encouraged to develop not only his unique combination of talents, but to strive for excellence and to do so in the understanding that his contribution to others is what makes him rich. We are indeed blessed at this school and know that all who come here will share what we are lucky enough to enjoy!

Mike Thiel 

Executive Headmaster