The Maristonian Project

The Maristonian will be an on-site Old Boys’ home at St David’s Marist Inanda

  Maristonian small

 Architect Concept Drawing

The 'Maristonian' has been approved by the Marist Council in Rome and funds of R 10 million are required to commence the Project.

The St David's Marist Foundation is a registered beneficiary of the My School My Village My Planet Programme and funds received via this programme will be channelled to the Maristonian Project.  Should you wish to sign up for a Supporter's Card, or add the St David's Marist Foundation as a beneficiary on your existing card please click here to go to the My School website.

Please click here to download a My School My Village card application form

Proposed Location

Alongside the existing College Pavilion – overlooking the First Team Rugby Field and the Hockey Astro

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Proposed Function and Offerings of the Maristonian include:

  • Official ‘Home’ and meeting place of the St David’s Marist Old Boys' Association (in terms of the Marist Old Boys' Association Constitution Old Boys include Past Pupils of St David's Marist Inanda, and other Marist Schools in South Africa, as well as Past Parents and Past Staff)
  • A venue where Old Boys can meet to watch live sports matches at St David’s or watch big-screen sports events
  • A venue which Old Boys can book for business meetings and various functions, when not in use by the School
  • A venue that the School will use during the day for education, cultural and sporting requirements, including classes, the writing of exams and sports training
  • A venue that can be used for Art Exhibitions and small performance pieces by the School

The Maristonian will be designed and built along green building principles to ensure minimum impact on the environment and natural resources.

The St David’s Marist Foundation (a registered Trust (IT4826/06) and PBO (No: 930023385) will administer all funds and donations received towards the Maristonian, and donors will be entitled to receive a Section 18A Tax Certificate which qualifies them for a tax rebate from SARS of up to 10% of their taxable income per year.  Should you wish to donate to the Maristonian Project please click on the 'Donate' button on this page (top right-hand corner) or contact for other donation channel options.

For further information please contact:

Mr Jean-Paul Renouprez (Chairman of the St David's Marist Old Boys’ Association) 
Mr Darrell Caister(Vice-Chairman of the St David's Marist Old Boys' Association)

Lara Klement (Advancement Manager)                   
Fiona Budd (Foundation Manager)